The Journey Begins

My heart is still racing from my action moments ago. Hands are still shaking. I had a short walk, tried to calm down, but I’m still in disbelief of what I just did.

I started this website, for me and for all the people in the world who struggles with insecurity.

What motivated me to start this blog is that my boyfriend dumped me. Well, technically I broke up with him. But that’s because I couldn’t live with my insecurity any longer. Everyday I was living in the fear that he didn’t truly accept me and love me.

But like all decisions made out of fear, I immediately regretted my action. I crawled back begging for his forgiveness. But he said: my insecurity is out of control, he is so sick of it, he cannot make himself believe that it would be different if we get back together. So I got dumped and my heart broke into pieces.

I vow I will never ever let my insecurity control me, I will never ever let it impede me from living my dreams. I will defeat my insecurity and live up to my full potential.

This website is dedicated to myself and everyone else in the world who is like me. It will witness and record my journey of transformation, provides the platform for communication and support, and helps everyone reach their full potential.

My hands are still shaking, but I’m so proud of my own bravery.

Let us get united. We are not limited by our own insecurities. We are brave. We are awesome. Ordeals can only make us, not break us. Let’s help and inspire each other to fly higher.

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